On Tuesday, April 4th, all Cab Calloway Middle School Students assembled in the Cab Calloway School of The Arts Theater for the Most Valuable Performer (MVP) assembly.  This assembly is an opportunity for teachers to recognize remarkable contributions from an individual student in each of their classrooms.

Not meant as a recognition of the highest average for the marking period, rather this is a chance to recognize a student who may not get the solo or the award each day, however they demonstrate real commitment to the subject area and represents Cab Calloway School of the Arts admirably.

These students may make their teacher’s day brighter, or that they work incredibly hard each day, or perhaps they assist their peers whenever they see someone struggling.  It allows teachers an opportunity to let their students know that their efforts have not gone unnoticed.  The MVP ceremony occurs quarterly and has been organized and is led by Dr. Michelle Morton.

170404_8th_grade_MVPs 170404_7th_grade_MVPs 170404_6th_grade_MVPs

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