Dear Educator,

At Camp JCC, we understand how valuable STEAM education is for fostering creativity, collaboration, and innovation in children. As such, we have undertaken a number of partnerships to reach students with interests in STEAM.

This summer, we are offering a number of weeklong specialty programs<> to give campers the opportunity to learn robotics engineering, game design, coding, and more:

 1.  LocoRobo: for students in grades 3-6 (week of 7/17) and 7-9 (week of 7/24), offering immersion in coding, robotics, algorithms, sensors, 3D design, and drone science.

 2.  YouthDigital: for students in grades 3-7 (week of 7/31), offering the opportunity to design and walk away with their very own 3D adventure game.

 3.  Tech Stars – Computer Explorers: for students in grades 1-3 (weeks of 6/19 & 7/24) and 4-6 (weeks of 7/10 & 8/7), teaching coding through interactive gaming (e.g., Minecraft).

Financial aid may be available based on income and circumstances.

Camp JCC has 10 weeks of traditional, specialty, sports, and teen programming, starting on June 12th. Registration will be open until spots fill up<>. Please let us know if we can share any additional information or materials.

Thank you!

Adam Cook, Camp Director

Matt Moran, Camp & Youth Coordinator

Mona Duwell, Director, Youth Services

Siegel JCC

101 Garden of Eden Road

Wilmington, DE 19803

(302) 478-5660

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