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Cab Calloway HS Graduation 2018 Stream!

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Below you will find a link to the live event of the Cab Calloway HS Graduation. This event will be archived when it is over, for viewing indefinitely.


Cab Calloway 8th Grade Finale Streaming!

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Below you will find a link to the live event of the Cab Calloway 8th Grade Finale. This event will be archived when it is over, for viewing indefinitely.

Cab BPA Wins Big @ Nationals!

17 students earn national honors!

From Tuesday, May 8 thru Sunday, May 13, seventeen Cab Calloway School of the Arts 7th and 8th grade students attended the 2018 Business Professionals of America National Leadership Conference in Dallas, Texas.  All 17 students in attendance achieved either a top 1 or 2 finalists in at least one of the many diverse competitions.

Results as follows:

  • Julia C., Harpreet K. and Pragya S. placed 1st in Digital Game Design Team
  • Marissa J., Emily L., Giada M., Delanie M. placed 1st in Presentation Management Team
  • Mia X. placed 1st and Claire A. placed 2nd in Graphic Design Promotion
  • Ava B. placed 1st and Claire A. was a top 10 finalist in Extemporaneous Speech
  • Alexandria H. placed 1st in Prepared Speech
  • Andrew I., Kimberly B., Ava B. and Rishi M. placed 2nd in Introduction to Video Production Team
  • Ashley B., Arundhati D., Alexandria H. and Mia X. placed 2nd in Web Site Design Team
  • Jack W. placed 2nd, Arundhati D. placed 3rd in Financial Literacy
  • Ashley B. placed 1st, Arundhati D. and Claire A. were top 10 finalists in Business Fundamentals Concepts
  • Ashley B. placed 1st and Claire A. was a top 10 finalist in Business Math Concepts
  • Jack W. placed 3rd, Arundhati D. and Ashley B. were top 10 finalists in Computer Literacy Concepts
  • Arundhati D. was a top 10 finalist in Business Communication Skills Concepts


Students are led by their business teacher and BPA Advisor Mr. Sverrir Georgsson, co-advisor Angi Barker and volunteer coach Sarah Barker. We thank all who have participated and made the BPA chapter such a great success this year!

Art of Conversation Speaker Series

Last Wednesday Sarah McBride closed out our Cab Calloway School Fund’s Art of Conversation Speaker Series. The Cab Calloway School Fund would like to thank all the patrons and supporters of the Speaker Series. The first series was a great success bringing nationally acclaimed speakers to Delaware for informative, insightful and fun interviews.

The speaker series is designed to help the School Fund continue its efforts for the endowment to support the various arts in the Cab Calloway School community.

Sarah Mcbride is the National Press Secretary for the Human Rights Campaign. In 2012, Sarah made national headlines when she came out as transgender while serving as student body president at American University. A native of Wilmington, Delaware, Sarah serves on the Board of Directors of Equality Delaware and helped lead the successful effort to add gender identity and expression to Delaware’s nondiscrimination and hate-crimes laws. In 2008, Sarah worked for Governor Jack Markell (D-DE) and, in 2010, for former Attorney General Beau Biden (D-DE). Prior to coming to HRC, Sarah worked on LGBTQ equality at the Center for American Progress and interned at the White House, the first out trans woman to do so. Last year, Sarah made history when she became the first openly transgender person to address a major political party’s convention when she spoke at the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.


Sarah is a Cab Calloway School of the Arts Alumni (2009) and is launching her new book which is available now.

You can find Sarah’s talks as well as Maurice Hines and Sarah Stroman’s at the below link.



After a grueling 2 day completion both the High School and Middle School Chapters of the Technology Student Association had outstanding winners. Below are the results!

PS. Mr. Greider got TSA Advisor of the year for the state!

High School TSA

1st Places
Structural Engineering
Jacob W.
Nick U.
System control
Jessie L.
Ethan B.
Patrick T.
Promotional design
Nadia R.
Cad 3D
Patrick T.
Debating technical issues
Shahreen Q.
Risha K.

2nd Places
Video Game Design
Sohum S.
Ethan B.
Helen L.
Brianna M.
Evan L.
Daniel C.
Tech Problem Solving
Brianna M.
Sam B.
Technology Bowl
Patrick T.
Sohum S.
Jessie L.
Future Tech teacher
Saman V.
Extemporaneous speech
Risha K.

3rd Places
Chapter Team
Sohum S.
Hannah R.
Patrick T.
Helen L.
Jenna H.
Paige L.

Middle School TSA

1st Places
Children’s Stories
Andrew I.
Michaela S.
Will L.
Sara W.
Olivia K.
Sarah K.
Promotional Marketing
Jess W.
Stem Animation
Andrew I.
Will L.
Sara K.
Olivia K.
Lucas F.
Molly G.
Website Design
Mia X.
Will L.
Grace H.
Kirti D.
Ashley B.
Arundhati D.
Structural Engineering
Olivia K.
Shira B.
Solar Sprint Creative Design.
Andrew I.
Sara W.
Michaela S.
Jess W.
Prepared Speech
Shira B.

2nd Places
Essays on technology
Jeremiah R.

3rd Places
Electrical Applications
Adam B.
System Control
Sara K.
Nolan G.
Sakhi G.
Structural Engineering
Izzie C.
Rosie C.
Challenging Technology Issues
Molly G.
Olivia K.

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College & Career Decision Day Celebration

On May 1st, our School Counseling Department, with support from the PTSO, hosted our annual College & Career Decision Day to celebrate the achievements of our AMAZING Class of 2018. 

Due to the success of our College Application Week held back in October, all 124 members of the Class of 2018 applied to at least one college by January 1st.  The Class of 2018 certainly kept our high school counselor, Kimberly Rigby, on her toes by submitting a WHOPPING total of 800 college applications, with an average of seven application submissions per senior! 

97.5% of the Class of 2018 will attend college in the fall, with the remaining 2.5% entering the world of work or attending cosmetology school. 

Photos by Matt J. C/o 2019


31598628_10156351043709596_2747325871550365696_o 31732026_10156351043914596_3139454590378835968_o 31773063_10156351043564596_2185809307629518848_o 31776123_10156351044349596_2932658267333066752_o 31776192_10156351044339596_5423994445840252928_o 31781802_10156351043699596_3963863602816876544_o 31786453_10156351043544596_2886199726351319040_o
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Sarah McBride | The Art of Conversation Livestream!

To view the stream click the link:

Sarah McBride
The Art of Conversation | 2018 Speaker Series
Cab Calloway School of the Arts

Sponsored by The Cab Calloway School Fund, Delaware Theatre Company, and WSFS Bank

Director: Matthew J
Assistant Director: Nia A
Camera Operator: Emma L., Colin D., Ariana O.


Jazz Appreciation Assembly

Check out the Jazz appreciation assembly photos from today! Awesome performances!

Photos by Iris L.

30073594_10156330477709596_3838048456692804333_o 30167281_10156330477689596_4724271973628013578_o 30420008_10156330477844596_4351131242820160553_o 30420406_10156330477824596_8873247262004305036_o 30424886_10156330477704596_2557555261642678236_o 30424976_10156330477969596_8905331865251190892_o 30813956_10156330477839596_1426832211715101383_o

Big Wins for Cab @ Delaware’s National History Day

Congrats to everyone!

Saturday March 24th, our middle and high school students competed at the Delaware National History Day. Students have been working on these research projects over many months, and even getting to compete at the state level is a tremendous achievement. Our students were amazing ambassadors of our school, and as you can see below, they were handsomely rewarded for all their hard work. We said it last year, but it is worth restating: the skills that our students have learned in their arts classes had a dramatic impact on their success. Students leveraged these skills in all their projects! As we move on to nationals in June, I hope you will get a chance to see some of these projects (and perhaps even offer some constructive feedback!).

From Ms. Sullivan & Mr. Bedell

High School:
1st place individual documentary: Dharini S.
3rd place individual documentary: Alaina H.
1st place group documentary: Emma M., Maya N., Sophie M., Emi O.
2nd place group documentary: Ruby A., Molly E., Meghan G., Lucy S.
3rd place group documentary: Jacquelyn J., Matthew J., Melanie G.
1st place individual performance: Emma-Lee F.
2nd place group performance: Robert L., Kyra B., Phillip W.
1st place paper: Evan L.
Semi-finalist group exhibit: Jack W. & Platon B.

Special Awards:
American History Award: Dharini S.
American Technology Award: Alaina H.
Revolutionary Era History Award: Evan L.
American Innovation Award: Jacquelyn J., Matthew J., Melanie G.

Middle School:
1st place paper: Genevieve B.
1st place group exhibit: Delaney B., Daphne T.
2nd place group exhibit: Molly M., Kylie S.
1st Place group website: Vibha G., Isabelle B.
Semi-Finalist individual website: Gianna D.

Here we are with Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester (Credit: Amanda Kimball, Delaware Historical Society)


Cab 25th Anniversary Family Celebration at The MAIN EVENT!

Thursday, April 26th 5pm - Midnight

Thursday, April 26th is the day!! Come join us for a spectacular, fun-filled family celebration honoring CAB’s 25thAnniversary at the recently opened MAIN EVENT Entertainment, located in the Christiana Fashion Center.


While the Main Event is still open to the public and all events are $7 each for pay as you go, Cab Calloway is being extended a “special group rate” of $20 per person with a FREE $10 FUNcard towards video redemption & crane games. Prepaid colored wristbands will be issued for “unlimited” play of Billiards, Bowling, Shuffleboard, Laser Tag & Gravity Ropes from 5pm – midnight.

 Please feel free to pass the word to others who might enjoy celebrating with us!

 Deadline for registration is April 20th.

Fiddler on the Roof Tickets!

Don't miss out on this timeless musical!

Cab Calloway School of the Arts proudly presents the award winning production of Fiddler on the Roof! Tevye the Dairyman and his family’s struggles in a changing Russia is a true musical theatre tradition.

Get your tickets now!

Shows available for March 9,10, 16 & 17 @ 7pm & March 11 & 18 @ 2pm

Photos by Iris L. C/o 2018
28946957_10156216072014596_8708233243585470047_o 28698462_10156216071884596_3430929408593928582_o 28698474_10156216071919596_6210463705285697346_o 28701215_10156216071624596_2116511667413456413_o 28701301_10156216071469596_4440691312782990668_o 28827002_10156216071664596_6380888920667383971_o 28828126_10156216071464596_3855173876446284446_o28953754_10156216071459596_783329001262408335_o 29060241_10156216071619596_6947068458015613601_o







Above and Beyond in Red Clay

Extraordinary parent volunteer Miss Angi Barker wins the Red Clay Parent Volunteer of the Month!


The patron saint of Cab Calloway Middle School Clubs, Miss Angi Barker has received the Above and Beyond Parent Volunteer of the Month Award from the Red Clay Consolidated School District.

Angi has been working with middle school students at Cab since her son Dan and daughter Sarah were Cab students. They have long since graduated and moved on to adulthood, nevertheless Angi has stayed on as an integral part of many Cab middle school clubs.

A tireless student advocate, Miss Angi comes in at least four days a week working with her Technology Student Association (TSA), Science Olympiad, and Business Professionals of America (BPA) students. She teaches them a wide variety of soft and hard skills, all of which will help them later in life, no matter what they decide to do for a living.

Always with wry wit, Miss Angi has great fun working with the kids and makes learning enjoyable and approachable for her students. Her goal is to change lives for the better and instill within each child the self-confidence they need to succeed.

This is not the first honor Miss Angi has received; in 2015 she received the Cab Calloway Honorary Diploma, also due to her extraordinary efforts for our students every day.

Way to go Angi!

Cab Dancers are awarded Scholarships!

Thanks to Ms. Cohen-Sherlock!

The following dancers were awarded Scholarships from the National HS Dance Festival that was held in Point Park University in Pittsburgh:

Jillian G.- AMDA scholarship-summer intensive ($1500),Point Park summer intensive, American Dance Festival, University of Missouri in Kansas City summer intensive, Modas Dance Summer Intensive in New Mexico

Gabi P.- Brenau University and STEPS conservatory in NYC (2 yr program)

Sarah M.- Point Park summer intensive, University of Kansas City Missouri summer intensive, University of the Arts Pre-College Summer Dance intensive($500 Merit Scholarship)

Jordyn L.- Drexel University summer intensive

Sienna M.- University of Kansas City in Missouri summer intensive, Joffrey Ballet summer intensive and Nashville Ballet Summer intensive

Jayda H.- University of the Arts Pre-College Summer Institute summer intensive (1/2 tuition scholarship)

Kelsey P.- University of the Arts Pre-College Summer Institute Dance intensive (1/2 tuition scholarship)

Demi G.- Modas Dance summer intensive in New Mexico

Congrats everyone!

Cab Students Win State Honors at BPA Conference!

17 students can attend the national conference in Dallas, Texas


Yesterday, the Cab Calloway Middle School BPA Chapter achieved great success at the State Leadership Conference by placing 17 students nationally with 4 team and 5 individual first place winners.

The results are as follows:

  • Brooke B., Ava B., Andrew I., Rishi M. placed 1st in Video Production Team Event
  • Marissa J., Emily L., Giada M., Delanie M. placed 1st in Presentation Management Team Event
  • Ashley B., Arundhati D.. Alexandria H., Mia X. placed 1st in Website Design Team Event
  • Julia C., Harpreet K., Pragya S. placed 1st in Digital Game Design Team Event
  • Claire A. placed 1st in Extemporaneous Speaking, 2nd in Graphic Design Promotion and 1st in Business Fundamentals
  • Arundhati D. placed 1st in Financial Literacy, 3rd in Business Fundamentals and 4th in Business Communications
  • Ashley B. placed 1st in Computer Literacy Concepts, 2nd in Business Fundamentals and 3rd in Business Communication Skills
  • Mia X. placed 1st Graphic Design Promotion
  • Alexandria H. placed 2nd Prepared Speech
  • Ava B. 2nd Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Jack W. 2nd Financial Literacy

These students now have the opportunity to attend the National Leadership Conference in Dallas, Texas from May 8th to 13th. We are very proud of all students who participated in the conference, please give congratulations to our winners when you see them.

The Cab Calloway BPA Chapter is led by Advisors Mr. Sverrir Georgsson, Miss Angi Barker and Ms. Sarah Barker.

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