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Effects of Social Media on Teens

Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media

Writer – Gianna D. / Editor – Yazmin O.

Social media is a huge part of teen lives with some even spending almost nine hours a day in front of their screens. Teens normally spend up to ⅓ of their day on social media according to the Guardian. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a maximum of two hours of screen time a day to keep being as healthy a possible. Social media is very influential to us and can play positive and negative effects.

Social Media plays many negative effects on teens. Cyberbullying is a huge issue and being on social media creates a place for it to happen. The Cyberbullying Research Center says, “About half of young people have experienced some form of cyberbullying, and ten to twenty percent experience it regularly.” Cyberbullying can lower an adolescent’s self-esteem and has caused some teens to feel physically ill. Social media can also cause stress and anxiety. According to the Child Mind Institute, some teens may turn their likes and followers into a popularity contest and feel like they need to have the most to be popular even if they don’t realize they’re doing it. Body image can also be affected by social media because of celebrities. While on social media, teens see all of their favorite celebrities looking perfect which can raise their expectation of what they’re supposed to look like. In summary, social media can play a negative role on teens through cyberbullying, stress, and self-esteem.

Even though there are many negative effects of social media, that shouldn’t stop teens from using it, but they should protect themselves from harmful posts. Teens spend so much time on social media that they are losing a lot of sleep. Spending less time on social media gives you more time to sleep and do homework. Also, having a private account can protect you from online predators and cyberbullies. Not to mention, If someone who is already following you starts to post mean comments, blocking them will rid your life of their negativity. Additionally, you should have a trusted adult in your life who you would feel comfortable going to if something was happening to you online. It’s okay to follow celebrities who you aspire, but following positive people who post inspiring messages can help bring up your self-esteem. Social media can turn into a negative space, but if you protect yourself then it can be a safe place.

Even though there are many negative effects of social media some things can be positive. Social media can be used as a way of communication for teens. Many teens have formed study groups through social media and shared information to students who may have been absent. Social media can also help teens stay in touch with past friends through changes in their life such as school switches. It is important for teens to share their talents and social media can be the place to do it. Many celebrities were discovered on social media, so having a place to display their creativity benefits teens in tons of ways. Many people also utilize social media as a way to spread awareness and kindness. Celebrities can post messages about mental health and self-care which can help teens all over the world. Sometimes even teens share positive messages about kindness and that proves that social media can be used in a positive way.

According to PEW Research Center, 72% of teens say they use Instagram and 69% say they use Snapchat. Social media is such a huge part of adolescents’ lives and they use it constantly for various reasons. Ever since social media was invented, there have been many risks that have increased over the years. This just shows that teens have to be more careful with what we do on social media. If they keep themselves safe on social media, it can be a very positive place with inspiring messages. Overall, social media or online access is a part of 94% of our lives and as long as they’re safe and responsible, social media can be a positive place.

Horrified at Dickinson

8th Graders Watch Horror Plays

by Gianna D.

The 8th graders at Cab Calloway recently went on a field trip to Dickinson High School where they watched a series of mini-plays based on the horror unit in English. The plays began with The Raven, which put everyone in the mood to see some wonderful horror plays. Next was the Tell-Tale Heart, which truly showed the emotion in the characters as the narrator starts to feel the guilt of killing the old man. The third play was The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. It put a smile on many faces, with the story of star-crossed lovers. As the story went on, the girl decided she will choose a different husband leaving her old lover heartbroken on a long trip home as he is followed and attacked. After this was the shocking story of The Necklace. While watching this story I felt a lot of empathy for the main character as she lost everything in her life to try to repay someone for a necklace that ended up being fake diamonds. The plays ended on a more positive note with the story of Jumping Frog. This story was set in the Wild West and gave the crowd a more positive feeling, and was very funny to watch. The horror plays were in an interesting experience to partake in and improved the students understanding of the horror unit going into the final horror essays, which the 8th-grade class wrote after seeing them.

Door Decor

Student Opinions

by Ariana A.

Teachers decorate their doors from the moment students step in and step out the door. Signs promoting a no-bullying zone, back-to-school posters, or just a simple curtain. Almost all of them decorate the doors, but what’s the purpose?

Some decorations have deeper meanings and some are extremely simple. The back-to-school posters try to get the students back into learning, even though most students are uninterested. Seasonal decorations usually celebrate the upcoming season or holiday. Curtains and other window appliances simply state that the teacher would like some privacy. These decorations have their purposes, but what about the opinions students have about them?

I recently ran a survey asking whether or not students at Cab like the door decor. The majority of students enjoy them. They enjoy the spirit teachers have and enjoy the look of the decor. Students also say that there are benefits from the door decor.

“It makes you feel cheerful when you see all the decorations on the teachers’ doors,” writes Zach W., the 6th-grade representative. He had chosen yes and sees the decor as positive.

Yazmin O. responds to my survey saying that “door decor makes students (and teachers alike) excited for holidays and can get them in the holiday spirit!”

“I think it helps children study better,” writes 6th grader Akanksha K. She takes the educational approach instead of the positivity approach. “I think that when students are in a decorated classroom, they feel more comfortable causing them to focus better.”

As most students enjoy the decorations for various reasons, some have mixed feelings. Students say that some people have different traditions and holidays and might not celebrate the “important” holidays we have here in the U.S. Not only do students think that teachers shouldn’t put up holiday decor but if they want to put of decorations, a seasonal array of decor is fine.

“It’s good if the decor is winter-related but it’s bad if the decor is based around one holiday,” writes Alyssa R. “There are many holidays around this time and different people celebrate different ones. Overall, I don’t think teachers should have any holiday-related decor because people celebrate different holidays. Winter-related decor is okay because everyone has winter in this state.”

Students have different opinions on teacher door decor. According to my survey, most middle school students think that door decor is positive in many ways, letting teachers show off their opinions and creativity. Some students are a little unsure about their thoughts about decoration on doors as it might affect students celebrating different holidays. Other than that, we think it’s safe to say that we appreciate our teachers nevertheless!

Tips for Success

This Week's Tips

by Brooke B.

  • Set a goal for yourself before the week starts so you have something to work towards.
  • If your teacher allows you to, I recommend writing in pen. I have noticed that when I write in pen it makes me look at the paper more, and by writing in colorful pens it may make you want to study more!
  • This year, Cab did not provide us with agendas. I recommend running over to your local Marshalls or craft store to pick up an agenda. Staying organized is very important!
  • Always eat three meals a day. You should always try to eat breakfast because it’s the most important meal of the day and gives you all your energy for the day!

The New Technology of Transportation

DelDot Explores Hyperloop

by Alyssa R.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to cut a two-hour-long ride down to just four minutes? Or drive an electronically-controlled vehicle? With today’s technology, you just might be able to! Cab’s High School & Middle School TSA Club and Middle School BPA attended the recent Delaware Technology Student Association Leadership Conference this past fall, and DelDOT told them some exciting news – they are working on making the world’s first hyperloop! This can turn a two-hour drive into a four-minute ride. Additionally, they’re working on electronically-controlled buses and other forms of transportation. Gas stations would be turned into charging stations, and it’d take about five minutes to charge your car! What do you think – will you be willing to try out these inventions?

MS Winter Concert

A Review by Gianna Dixon

by Gianna D.

On Thursday, December 13th the Cab Calloway Middle School had their 2018 Winter Concert. The concert consisted of the Concert Band, the Jazz Band, then the Symphonic Band. For most of the Concert Band members, it would be their first time on stage. They blew the crowd away with their four pieces, “Angels We Have Heard On High”, “Contredanse”, “Ancient Carol”, and finishing with “Cartoon Christmas”. Their Christmas spirit brought cheer to all of our faces.

After the Concert Band was the Jazz Band. They started off with “Holiday Joy” with an exceptional solo by trumpeter Daniel L. After that they played “Ye Jazzy Gentlemen” that gave a jazzy flair to Christmas. The third song was an arrangement of “Deck the Halls” with an amazing tenor sax solo by Benjamin N. The Jazz Band finished their portion of the concert with “A Charlie Brown Christmas” with solos by pianist Ajay M., trombonist Marissa J. and saxophonist Adhira A. This song reminded many parents of when they were kids watching the Charlie Brown Christmas Special.

The concert was rounded out with the Symphonic Band who started their portion of the concert with four songs about cultural and historical events in the world. Those pieces were “What a Wonderful World” with a solo by Adhira A., followed by “Hatikvah”, “Overcome”, and “The Girl From Ipanema”. The band also played “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” that included parts from “I’ve got the Golden Ticket”, “Pure Imagination”, “Oompa Loompa”, and “The Candy Man”. The band ended the concert with three Christmas songs including “Sweet Little Manger Child” with solo by mallet player Nathan R., “This Christmas” with solo by saxophonist Adhira A., and the band favorite “We Wish You a Mambo Christmas” with spectacular solos by bass clarinet player Gianna D., pianist Ajay M., trumpeter Solomon S., and piccolo player Vilina A.

The 2018 Middle School Band Concert was enjoyable to all involved and put bright smiles on the crowd’s faces.

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