All students are expected to comply immediately with any reasonable request made by teachers and/or the administration.

TARDINESS TO SCHOOL POLICY (Tracking begins September 12, 2016)


“Students should recognize that a written explanation from home does not automatically cause the tardy to be “excused.” Such reasons as car trouble, personal business, heavy traffic, need at home, etc., while understandable, are not acceptable excuses and will be listed as unexcused.” (Chp. 3, RCCSD Code of Conduct)


If a student is not in his/her first class of the day by 7:35 a.m. he/she is considered late to school.

Students who arrive 25 or more minutes late (8:00) excused or unexcused will not be allowed to interrupt class and will remain in the Time Out area until the 2nd block of the day begins. It will be the student’s responsibility to get any work missed while sitting in Time Out. The only exception will be for medical appointments which will require a note on office letterhead from the medical office.


All medical appointments (doctor, dentist, etc.) require a note on office letterhead from the medical office.

Unexcused tardies to school are cumulative for the year as it relates to school choice and the student’s permanent attendance record.


Unexcused tardies are cumulative for the year as it relates to a student’s permanent attendance record and Choice. Students who reach 10 unexcused tardies to school are eligible for exit at the end of the current school year per District Choice guidelines.

It is the responsibility of the parent to monitor tardies to school via HAC (Home Access Center).

*Note: An In School Suspension issued for unexcused lates-to-school will see the student spending the entire day in the ISS Room. Students who are suspended in school will not be allowed to participate in after school activities, including rehearsal or practice (sports) and must leave campus immediately upon dismissal. Coaches will be advised of a student’s ISS. Students caught on campus after school will be suspended out of school for violating the ISS policy. ISS will not be scheduled for the convenience of the student and his/her activity.


Early Dismissal

Any student leaving school before the close of the school day must have a written note stating the reason and time of dismissal and expected return time. Notes must be signed by a parent or guardian with a phone number for verification. The main office will call to confirm, and then issue an early dismissal slip. It is the responsibility of the student to report to the main office to be signed out by the parent/guardian. Parents/guardians must sign-in the returning student in the office. For the safety of our students, please be prepared to show a photo I.D. when taking your child out of school during the school day.


Unexcused tardy to class (beginning with the 2nd class of the day)

Unexcused tardies to class are not cumulative. A detention will be issued for every three (3) unexcused tardies from the reporting teacher/s. In other words, two (2) unexcused tardies from Teacher A + one (1) unexcused tardy from Teacher B does not result in a detention.


Class Cut/Skipping Class

All class cuts must be documented in RAP

First infraction – Detention assigned. Parent contacted. No credit for work due or missed.

Second infraction – Detention assigned. Parent contacted. No credit for work due or missed.


Subsequent infractions – In School Suspension. Parent contacted. No credit for work due or missed. Conference may be required w/ parent, student and administration. Student may be placed on a contract which will outline consequences for future infractions.


Disruption of the Educational Process

All referrals must be entered into RAP via DSC.

Removal from class//student counseled//return to class if possible. Teacher contact parent. Detention if warranted. Student may be suspended in-school or out of school depending on nature of disruption.



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