DETENTION – 2:45 – 4:15 (Monday & Wednesday)

It is the student’s responsibility to remember their assigned detention. “I forgot” is not a valid reason for missing detention.


Detention Guidelines (Monday & Wednesday from 2:45—4:15).


Failure to Report To Detention (FTR)

An In School Suspension (ISS) will be issued for each FTR.

ISS (In School Suspension) Students may be removed from one or more classes and placed in a time-out room. Students who receive an ISS cannot participate in after school activities (clubs, rehearsals, athletic practices) on the day of the ISS. An exception may be made for performances and/or a game depending on nature of infraction and is at the sole discretion of the school administration.


OSS (Out of School Suspension) Students may be suspended out of school for one or more days depending on the infraction. Students suspended out of school are to remain off school property, including school grounds and may not attend or participate in any school activity on or off campus including performances and games.

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