by Ariana A.

Teachers decorate their doors from the moment students step in and step out the door. Signs promoting a no-bullying zone, back-to-school posters, or just a simple curtain. Almost all of them decorate the doors, but what’s the purpose?

Some decorations have deeper meanings and some are extremely simple. The back-to-school posters try to get the students back into learning, even though most students are uninterested. Seasonal decorations usually celebrate the upcoming season or holiday. Curtains and other window appliances simply state that the teacher would like some privacy. These decorations have their purposes, but what about the opinions students have about them?

I recently ran a survey asking whether or not students at Cab like the door decor. The majority of students enjoy them. They enjoy the spirit teachers have and enjoy the look of the decor. Students also say that there are benefits from the door decor.

“It makes you feel cheerful when you see all the decorations on the teachers’ doors,” writes Zach W., the 6th-grade representative. He had chosen yes and sees the decor as positive.

Yazmin O. responds to my survey saying that “door decor makes students (and teachers alike) excited for holidays and can get them in the holiday spirit!”

“I think it helps children study better,” writes 6th grader Akanksha K. She takes the educational approach instead of the positivity approach. “I think that when students are in a decorated classroom, they feel more comfortable causing them to focus better.”

As most students enjoy the decorations for various reasons, some have mixed feelings. Students say that some people have different traditions and holidays and might not celebrate the “important” holidays we have here in the U.S. Not only do students think that teachers shouldn’t put up holiday decor but if they want to put of decorations, a seasonal array of decor is fine.

“It’s good if the decor is winter-related but it’s bad if the decor is based around one holiday,” writes Alyssa R. “There are many holidays around this time and different people celebrate different ones. Overall, I don’t think teachers should have any holiday-related decor because people celebrate different holidays. Winter-related decor is okay because everyone has winter in this state.”

Students have different opinions on teacher door decor. According to my survey, most middle school students think that door decor is positive in many ways, letting teachers show off their opinions and creativity. Some students are a little unsure about their thoughts about decoration on doors as it might affect students celebrating different holidays. Other than that, we think it’s safe to say that we appreciate our teachers nevertheless!

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