by Gianna D.

The 8th graders at Cab Calloway recently went on a field trip to Dickinson High School where they watched a series of mini-plays based on the horror unit in English. The plays began with The Raven, which put everyone in the mood to see some wonderful horror plays. Next was the Tell-Tale Heart, which truly showed the emotion in the characters as the narrator starts to feel the guilt of killing the old man. The third play was The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. It put a smile on many faces, with the story of star-crossed lovers. As the story went on, the girl decided she will choose a different husband leaving her old lover heartbroken on a long trip home as he is followed and attacked. After this was the shocking story of The Necklace. While watching this story I felt a lot of empathy for the main character as she lost everything in her life to try to repay someone for a necklace that ended up being fake diamonds. The plays ended on a more positive note with the story of Jumping Frog. This story was set in the Wild West and gave the crowd a more positive feeling, and was very funny to watch. The horror plays were in an interesting experience to partake in and improved the students understanding of the horror unit going into the final horror essays, which the 8th-grade class wrote after seeing them.

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