Cab Calloway School of the Arts educates all students in an inclusive environment. Cab operates in accordance with Red Clay School District’s vision that all students receive the educational and related services necessary to experience academic success and become college and career ready in the most inclusive environment appropriate. Cab’s goals are aligned with Red Clay’s in that Cab will create an atmosphere of:

  1. Highly Effective Educators
  2. Literacy by Third Grade (For All)
  3. Closing Achievement Gaps
  4. College & Career Readiness
  5. Parents & Community Involvement

Similar to all schools in the district, Cab’s faculty and administration have developed a Campus Action Plan which outlines goals, actions, and measures that assures that the Cab Calloway faculty, staff, and administration continue to work toward a more inclusive and effective school for all students’ academic and social development. The Campus Action Plan is centered on several themes, such as:

  • Celebrating the Success of all Students
  • Creating a School-wide Culture of Inclusiveness
  • Implementing Co-Teaching as needed
  • Developing Interdisciplinary Collaboration
  • Establishing Active Learning Environments
  • Implementing Successful Evidence Based Instruction
  • Improving Grading and Student Assessment

In order to accomplish these goals, continuous professional development will be presented at the school and district level. Cab Calloway School of the Arts can boast that Cab’s structure will afford our students a superior educational opportunity in the arts and the academic subjects. Cab provides:

  • A dedicated and highly qualified staff of teachers and administrators who put children first by developing a curriculum and classroom structure that strengthens students’ weaknesses and works through their strengths by focusing on the individual child.
  • Curriculum Level Teams who can creatively plan grade level lessons according to what works best for each child. These teams meet once a week and have a chance to have several voices speak about children who require additional attention.
  • A Problem Solving Team that meets monthly, or as needed, to discuss and design a learning plan for students who cannot keep up in the classroom, even after several interventions have been tried by the teacher.
  • Stay Balanced Club, that meets Monday through Friday with National Honor Society students tutoring other students to improve their academics and study skills, as well as focus on student wellness.
  • A team of Specialists including Counselors, a Psychologist, an Educational Diagnostician, and Special Education Teachers who can discuss, assess, and develop formal plans for students who need more intensive help.

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