Please follow the rubric and instructions.

High School Technical Theatre

Please follow the instructions below and use the rubric to understand the expectations.


Set Design – Choose one act from the show, design the set by following these steps:

Costume Design – Choose one act from the show, design all of the costumes to be used:

Prop Design –  Choose one act from the show, create a props list by following these steps:


Students will submit all design elements on the day of their assessment. There will also be a brief 10-minute interview to discuss the elements and better understand the choices that the student has made with the design elements. Student responses during the interview will be used to help inform rubric scores for the above elements.

If the student would like any items submitted back, please include a page that lists which pieces will be picked up. They will be available for pickup in the Cab Calloway Main Office one week after the assessment date, and can be picked up after 2:35pm. If designs are not retrieved within 2 weeks of assessment date, they will be recycled.


Technical Theatre Rubric

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