Spring Track and Field Starts This Week


Article by E. Lacey
Published on March 4, 2019.

Do you like high-intensity sports? Do you like being a part of a team activity? Do you like being in a passionate community? Are you in 8th grade or above? If you answered yes to any of these questions, outdoor track and field could be a great activity for you! Learn more about it below!

Races, Activities, and Events!

Starting next Monday the 4th through next Friday the 8th, outdoor track and field will be accepting new members! Practice will start 3:00 PM after school at the track and will end at 4:45/5:00 PM. If the weather is below freezing or raining, you will meet in the lobby.

Coach Rick Schuder and Coach Lavel Walker are, as said by a member of the track C. Seiffert, “hardworking and well involved, but also keep you on your toes and working!”

Events and Races

In outdoor track, you will expect a meet once week after one month of track practice. In meets you will experience 100 meter – 2 mile races, pole volt, and high jump. These races are intense and fast moving. If you love being active and bettering yourself, these meets are for you. These types of meets usually last all day on Saturday. (Click here for more information on meets, practice, and schedules.)

If any of this interests you, you should definitely consider going to next week’s practice! It’s so much fun and great for making friends and pushing your limits. We hope to see you there!

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