The Importance of Sleep for Teens

Get Your ZZZs!

Article by G. Dixon
Published on February 25, 2019.

Sleep. All of us need it and most of us love it, but we take it for granted. The Nationwide Children’s Organization says that teens need about nine to nine and a half hours of sleep a night. It’s reported that only 15% of teens actually get the recommended amount of sleep. The average amount of sleep is 7 hours for teens. After puberty, a teen’s internal clock changes by 2 hours. For example, a teen who goes to bed at 9 will now go to bed at 11, but since students still have to wake up at the same time or earlier for school, this leads to sleep deprivation. Teens tend to get overwhelmed with sports, clubs, and homework. All these things come before sleep. Sleep deprivation can lead to being irritable, and cranky. It can also cause attention deprivation, memory loss, poor decision-making abilities, slow reaction time, and loss of creativity. Therefore, teens should try their best to manage their time wisely, and get nine to nine and a half hours of sleep.

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