A Message from the Dean: Online Learning Plan

March 30, 2020 | The plan for the coming weeks

Dear Cab Students and Families,

We are excited to be moving in the direction of more structured learning opportunities for our students. Our focus, aligned with the Red Clay District will be on review and enrichment. The path forward brings uncharted territory for all of us, but we are looking forward to providing opportunities to our students to continue their learning.

As we finish out our third quarter, we have asked teachers to open all previous unfinished work to students to allow an opportunity to complete work that was assigned prior to March 13th. Since no additional graded work will be assigned for the third quarter, we believe it is in the best interest of our students to allow the greatest opportunity for solidifying past skills taught, as well as to provide the opportunity for students to improve their third quarter grades before they are finalized.

Students will have until Wednesday, April 8th to complete such work (pending District approval), including both formative and summative grades that were not already done. Many of our teachers have already created such opportunities for students, but if not, this is the time for each student to focus on finishing up the third quarter incomplete work.

Moving forward, additional educational opportunities that are provided to students will not be graded. We are here to support our students in their learning endeavors without causing a great deal of stress in this already very stressful time. We appreciate your partnership with us to help encourage and ensure that your student continues to be engaged in our school community and in their learning.

On Monday, March 30th, all staff will be asked to communicate with their classes by noon as to their plan for learning for the upcoming two week period (March 30 – April 10). This may be in the form of individualized online opportunities as well as ZOOM or SCHOOLOGY class gatherings periodically. Students and teachers may also communicate via school email. For the classes that do plan to meet live, we have created a schedule so that we have no conflicts of time. Please see the schedule below. IF A CLASS IS MEETING LIVE, it will be at the designated time noted in the schedule. Keep in mind, live classes are not required, and in some cases may not be needed, but this is an opportunity for gathering of classes so that teachers may interact live with their students.

We encourage our students to participate as much as they are able to do so in the opportunities provided by our staff. We will be reaching out to students who are not participating – we want to make sure we can support every student in the learning process. WE ARE HERE TO SUPPORT YOU!

Next week’s schedule:

Monday, March 30th:

All teachers communicate with their classes as to their two week plan. (This is broad, and lets students and families know how a teacher plans to interact with students over the course of the two week period.) This does not have to specify content that teachers will be covering. (Red Clay is providing a guide for learning for students through Grade 8).

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM – The building will be open for parents to pick up CRITICAL documents. (This is not a general time to gather in the building. We do not anticipate A LOT of traffic.) This is an opportunity to pick up essentials only such as a Chromebook, a required textbook, medication, a musical instrument, an art project that is already started and in the studio, etc.)

Tuesday, March 31st:

Teachers will be spending time preparing for their work for students, letting them know the schedule, and helping to make sure they are ready for virtual learning.

Wednesday, April 1:

Thursday, April 2:

Friday, April 3:

Please note: THE ABOVE SCHEDULE is a guide. We realize it may not work for every family. If a teacher IS meeting live with a class, it will take place as noted above, but students may work on whatever work is suggested as their schedule allows. We do think the structure, however, will be beneficial to many of our students.

We are excited for this opportunity to provide enrichment to our students. This is new for all of us, so we expect there will be bumps in the road. Our teaching teams will be meeting at least weekly (virtually of course) to re-evaluate and make plans for the following weeks. However, we do plan to continue the A Day, B Day schedule with no class period rotation. (This also aligns with the Charter School of Wilmington for students who are taking classes with CSW.)

In addition, please note that our counseling team and school nurse are available to you via email. Please feel free to reach out to them as needed. Our counseling team also put together the “Check in with the CAB Support Team” survey for our students to assess who needs extra support.

Additional Contact Information

Role Name Email
Nurse Phyllis Whaler
HS Counselor A-L Kimberly Rigby
HS Counselor M-Z Tomica Fletcher
MS Counselor Dale McKenzie
Educational Diagnostician Sarah Swift
School Psychologist Eric Pizzini
Student Interventionist Stephanie Dexter
Dean Julie Rumschlag
Assistant Dean Joe Hocking
Assistant Dean Will Robinson
Admissions Elizabeth Inman-Moran
Attendance Michelle Deebel
Counseling Office Phyllis Duricek

Thank you so much for your patience as we transition to online learning.

Our best to you,
Julie Rumschlag (and the Cab Calloway Staff)

For the latest on Cab Calloway School of the Art’s COVID-19 plan, please visit the Cab COVID-19 Resource Page.

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