Saturday March 24th, our middle and high school students competed at the Delaware National History Day. Students have been working on these research projects over many months, and even getting to compete at the state level is a tremendous achievement. Our students were amazing ambassadors of our school, and as you can see below, they were handsomely rewarded for all their hard work. We said it last year, but it is worth restating: the skills that our students have learned in their arts classes had a dramatic impact on their success. Students leveraged these skills in all their projects! As we move on to nationals in June, I hope you will get a chance to see some of these projects (and perhaps even offer some constructive feedback!).

From Ms. Sullivan & Mr. Bedell

High School:
1st place individual documentary: Dharini S.
3rd place individual documentary: Alaina H.
1st place group documentary: Emma M., Maya N., Sophie M., Emi O.
2nd place group documentary: Ruby A., Molly E., Meghan G., Lucy S.
3rd place group documentary: Jacquelyn J., Matthew J., Melanie G.
1st place individual performance: Emma-Lee F.
2nd place group performance: Robert L., Kyra B., Phillip W.
1st place paper: Evan L.
Semi-finalist group exhibit: Jack W. & Platon B.

Special Awards:
American History Award: Dharini S.
American Technology Award: Alaina H.
Revolutionary Era History Award: Evan L.
American Innovation Award: Jacquelyn J., Matthew J., Melanie G.

Middle School:
1st place paper: Genevieve B.
1st place group exhibit: Delaney B., Daphne T.
2nd place group exhibit: Molly M., Kylie S.
1st Place group website: Vibha G., Isabelle B.
Semi-Finalist individual website: Gianna D.

Here we are with Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester (Credit: Amanda Kimball, Delaware Historical Society)


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