Black History Month Celebration

Inspired by Beyoncé’s Homecoming documentary

Black History Homecoming Show at Cab Calloway School of the Arts on the 21st of February 2020. The show was a student-developed, directed, and defined production celebrating the cultural aspects of being a young person of color in American society today. The Black History Homecoming Show was inspired by Beyoncé’s Homecoming documentary. Within the show, performances ranged from voices lifting in prayer to dances that expressed the hardships and injustice that people of color face. Students of Cab danced, sang, cited poetry, and celebrated contemporary artists as well as those with whom our parents grew up. These performances represented a culture, which has been built on love, sacrifice, oppression, injustice, racism, and much more. Most of all, at Cab Calloway School of the Arts, we celebrated a culture that desires to know and to include, to understand and to grow by truly knowing one another. Overall, the students at CCSA put together an amazing show, which immersed the audience in a journey of being a young person of color in the current American society.

Kimorah B.

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