Cab Middle Arts Students visit Biggs Museum of American Art

To enjoy a day of learning and performance

On Thursday, October 3, 2019, Cab Calloway Middle School Visual Arts and Piano Majors enjoyed a day of learning and performance at Biggs Museum of American Art in Dover, Delaware.  Students began the day by listening to piano majors perform pieces from time periods matching the art being viewed.   Then, students took a tour of the museum and were introduced to artwork that served as the inspiration for the day’s project. Students explored visual art concepts such as one-point perspective, collage, thumbnail drawing, vanishing point, modernism and discussed the time and place they think different pieces were made.  Students then practiced perspective drawing on a worksheet as a culminating activity for the day.    The trip was led by Cab Calloway School of the Arts teachers Lindsey Ostafy and Margaret Badger.

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