Student Showcase: Matthew Jones

Check out what he did as a Senior Digital Comm Arts Major!


My name is Matthew Jones and I’m a graduating senior, majoring in Communication Arts here at Cab. Over the past year I have completed my capstone Digital Media 4 project, which encapsulates all that I’ve learned the past four years. Rather than a typical project, such as a short film or portfolio website, this past year I have worked closely with Mr. Greider, other school staff and administration, and students to complete a variety of different digital media based projects around the school and school community. These include building, maintaining, and preparing the brand new videography and photography studio for student use; helping to code and maintain the communication arts website; creating and updating instructional support material for digital media students in topics ranging from how to create a contact sheet for photographs to how to direct a live stream of a production in the theatre; updating the school website with bug fixes and features to enhance the user experience and provide more information to the school community; directing all live streams that have happened this year; helping to maintain the school social media and website news to keep the community informed about events around Cab; assisting the Cab Calloway School Fund in launching a new website; and more small projects around the school to keep things running smoothly!

While a lot of my work is done behind the scenes to make it easier for students and staff to get things done, here are a few of the things I’ve done that you may or may not have noticed on the Cab website!

As my time at Cab Calloway come to an end, I wish to thank the Cab staff, administration, parents, community, and my fellow students for fostering an amazing environment to learn in, and for giving me a second home for the past seven years. With everything I’ve done in Digital Media 4 and beyond, I hope that I help make Cab Calloway a better place, even if it’s one tiny step at a time.

-Matthew Jones Class of 2019

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