Financial Need

Please email Dean Rumschlag at if there is financial hardship in purchasing supplies for school.

Middle School Visual Supplies

Mandatory Supply List for 2-Dimensional Design/3-D Design and All Art Major Classes

  1. black HARD–BOUND sketchbook, preferably 9X12 inches or similar in size. The sketchbooks is to be used for most in class assignments, additionally it will
    be check for required entries once a week. What is a sketchbook entry? Detailed information will follow
  2. Hand-held pencil sharpener
  3. Good drawing pencils; graphite pencils recommended for purchase are:
    1. Ebony Black soft drawing pencil, 6B, 4B, 2H and 4H (6B is the softest, 4H is the hardest); this will give the student a nice range of graphite to work with. Purchase of a complete set of pencils is not required.
  4. Ruler
  5. Personal color pencils Crayola, Prang or Prismacolor
  6. Scissors, compass, markers and protractors
  7. Crayons, erasers, & glue stick
  8. Water color set of paints.
  9. Other supplies may be necessary as we move throughout the school year.
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