The 2019 yearbooks were delivered to all students! The yearbook staff would like to thank everyone who purchased a book, not only to be able to look back on cherished memories, but also to support the hard working students that make this book possible.

If your student has purchased a book but did not or were not able to receive the book during the delivery party, it is not too late to pick it up! Yearbooks can be picked up after school in Mr. Greider’s room (room 107). Students should not interrupt a class to pick up a yearbook. If your student is a senior, they may stop by Mr. Greider’s room after graduation rehearsal on Wednesday or Friday to pick up their book.

Please reference this sheet to see if you have a 2019 yearbook ready for pickup.

It is not too late to buy a yearbook! Yearbooks can still be purchased online at or with cash/check and the order form below until they are sold out!

2019 Yearbooks Left To Distribute
2018 Yearbooks Left To Distribute

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